Saturday, March 27, 2010

The "B" word...

that's right....budget.... Honestly Cale and I have never really lived on one. If we wanted something we just bought it (even if we really couldn't afford it ...yikes!) So after Cale was laid off from his oilfield job, we have learned a lot! 1. God is in control...He will provide.
2. We need to be better stewards of our blessings...especially in our finances. 3. We want to be debt more chains to credit cards. This is where the "B" word comes in. We read Dave Ramsey's book "Total Money Makeover" and we are now headed in the right direction! We will be working on paying off our debts for a while, but we are both on the same page and ready to do it.

P.S. One way I found to save some money on grocery shopping is

If you get a chance check it out! For $5 a month you can choose a meal plan( and even a store) and get 7 days worth of meals outlined with a shopping list. That can make one chore so much easier....if you decide to sign up to please let them know that I sent you:)


Felicia said... on a budget is so tough. Good luck! Hopefully we'll both be able to shout "I'm debt free" in the near future!

makeupmom said...

It took us practically our whole marriage to get rid of credit cards and for the most part we are now. We usually have slip ups around Christmas time, but other than that, life is so less stressful when you live with less. Good luck!

Jamie Lynn said...

Dave is GREAT. He really does know what he's talking about and it makes so much sense. My hubs and I are looking to be DEBT FREE!! by next Christmas :) Yay for budgets!

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