Monday, May 30, 2011

The Boy's Room

I  have been working on my little man's room since spring break and I will get it all finished someday I think?!?!?  I wanted him to have a little extra storage space and a place to put his tv he got for Christmas...he also plays the family wii more than anyone else, so I decided he could keep it in his room...

My mom and I were talking about his need for more storage when I told her I was scouring Craigslist for an old dresser for his room. Mom remembered that she and Dad still had MY old {childhood} dresser in there detached garage...this thing had been in there for 14 years!!! It had been moved out there when my parents began building there house right after my senior year. I found all kinds of high school memorabilia inside it's drawers...eeek including my sophomore year yearbook!

Here is a shot of the after before...after before because this pic was after I washed it down with Murphy's wood was mega dirty!

So after washing it down and killing a bajillion spiders....shiver!!! Mom and I loaded it up and off I went with it with visions of what I might do to make it more boyish....

I sanded it a didn't need much and then I primed it with gray primer...

I ripped the back board off and replace it with a new piece the nice man at Lowe's cut for of the little drawers was I decided to create a shelf on the top part and thought it would be the perfect place for his wii and dvd player and some kind of cool baskets... I wanted locker baskets but am way too  impatient to find the perfect price and size, so I bought these el' cheapo's from the dollar general...

And grabbed my can of metallic silver spray paint and went to town!!!!

This will work until I stumble across the real deal...

And here is the dresser in the boy's room... I love how it turned out and even better the boy loves it too...he said and I quote...."Mom this room is sweet with my new dresser!"  Worth killing all those bajillion spiders....

You can't see it in this pic but I used chalkboard paint on the top and added a piece of molding along the bottom to beef it  up some:)

:) LaKeta

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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Little Sister Is Getting Married!!!

My middle sister, Erin, is getting married this October, and yesterday I got to do their engagement photos...I am working on building my portfolio so this was a win/win situation...I got lots of practice and they get FREE pics ;)

I had a are a couple of my favorites from today:) are a *few more ;)  I really can't pick a couple of favorites....

 Although it might just be this one:::

 Erin's hubby to be really enjoyed this one ;)

 And I love this old blue two ton Chevy truck out in Dad's pasture...Looks so Americana to me:)

All the pics were taken on the 80 acres we girls grew up on or the dairy that our grandpa and Dad owned, and of course one gravel road just down from 'Coon Creek Bridge...we are country girls!

Thanks Erin and Taylor for letting me practice with you guys...I had a great day...laughed a lot!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pot Luck!!!

Last summer I saw this post at Positively Splendid....and wanted to make one, but my list of "wants to do" gets interrupted regularly by my "have to do" list :(

I did find one of my terra cotta planters {the one in the middle} at a garage sale for $1...and it sat in the flower bed empty until a few weekends ago.... I wasn't patient enough to find the others in garage sales so I bought the new bottom and top pot at Wally World...

I love how it turned out and would like to make a couple more as gifts...ohhhh or maybe as the second "get your craft on" night!!!!

Upclose of the house number...
I used my silhouette to create this but still used the pencil trace method to get it on the pot...then used paint pens...

Count the Happies!!!



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