Sunday, April 22, 2012

Raised Bed Gardening...

So normally by now I would have my garden area all tilled up and plants/seeds in the ground, but not this year because of two reasons...1. New puppy girl Sadie and 2. Saw way too many fun raised beds on pinterest that I thought would be way cooler than my lil slab of ground.  So....with that being said I HAD great intentions of buying the materials and building my own raised beds and then of course doing something PINtastic with them like maybe this...

or this......

Galvanized steel raised bed garden

but then enters lil Miss Sadie who is part mutt and part Jack Russell and love to dig, chew, and J-U-M-P!! And well there is no way that either of these options will allow me to have a garden and keep a dog, so I kept thinking and searching on the world of pinterest and then I came across the idea of using galvanized troughs for garden beds!!!! EEEEKKKKK! Yes! My grandma use to grow strawberries in a ginormous tub like this...why didn't I think of it sooner?!?!?!  I am so excited about it, so today we went out to start pricing the troughs and the dirt it will take to fill them....hopefully after a few more convos with Mr. Luckee and we will be the proud owners of 3-4 of these bad boys..they aren't cheap, but my other options include lumber, and fencing materials to keep precious Sadie outta the it's really a one time expense and then they will last forever!!!

Here is a little inspiration for what I am going for thanks TwoMenAndALittleFarm for the inspiration pic:)

So I hope to be popping back in later this week or next week with some updated progress on this....


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Ordered My Garmin Forerunner!!!

I'm super excited to get my new gadget!!! I've always wanted to be a time about 3 1/2 years ago I did couch25K and ran a 1 mile race...bahahaha! Yes! That's right AN ENTIRE MILE! ;) then one of my "running" partners found out she was expecting baby #4 so my other friend and I decided that we'd be good friends and quit running while she was eating for two! Unfortunately, she is back to running and other friend and I aren't even close:(. So two weeks ago I decided enough!!! I said to myself, "Self, get out there and do it!". So that's what I have started doing... I started with 12 minutes "running" then upped it to 15, 17, and now I'm at 20 minutes...only 1.6 miles...yeah I'm not speedy mcspeedyson, but hey it's better than sitting on the couch wishing I was! Tuesday is my anniversary, so this is my gift from my ever supportive hubby... Thanks babe!

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