Tuesday, July 20, 2010

King of all King Ranch Chicken Recipes...

Or at least it is in my opinion...

Last night was my 3rd attempt (and 3rd recipe) for King Ranch Chicken Casserole...and it was DIVINE!!!!

I found this recipe in my church cookbook that I bought last year...and when I saw the name of the lady that submitted the recipe I was certain it would be delish. This lady can do it all, so I decided to make it!

But as it goes in my house I am always short one or two ingredients, so I improvised...and it was still GREAT!

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
2-3 large chicken breasts {I cooked mine in chicken broth in my crockpot all day}
1 c. chicken broth {I used the broth that I cooked my chicken in}
1 can cream of chicken soup {I used the 98% ff kind}
1 can cream of mushroom soup {98% ff here too}
1 can green chillies chopped {missing this ingredient at my house}
1 can of Rotel
1 sm. purple onion chopped
1 sm. green bell pepper chopped
6-8 corn tortillas { I didn't have these so I used On The Border tortilla chips crunched up...it was yummy}
16 oz. grated cheddar cheese {again I was out...can you tell I need to go grocery shopping?} I used about half of a 16 oz block of velveeta sliced into thin strips...really liked the creaminess of this too!

Cook chicken, shred or dice it up and set aside. In a mixing bowl combine all soups, chicken broth, chilies, rotel, onion, and pepper. Cut tortillas or crunch up chips. In a sprayed casserole dish layer half the chicken, half the tortillas/chips, half the soup mixture, and half the cheese. Repeat the layer a second time. Bake at 325 for 45 minutes.


Susan said...

I loved reading your blog. Doesn't that seem like something we have done year after year. Wash, dry and fold. Thank you so much for letting me visit. It has been pleasurable.

Bobbie - Clumsy Crafter said...

I love King Ranch Chicken. I think I dream about it sometimes. I'll have to try this recipe. thanks for sharing!

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