Monday, May 9, 2011

My Little Sister Is Getting Married!!!

My middle sister, Erin, is getting married this October, and yesterday I got to do their engagement photos...I am working on building my portfolio so this was a win/win situation...I got lots of practice and they get FREE pics ;)

I had a are a couple of my favorites from today:) are a *few more ;)  I really can't pick a couple of favorites....

 Although it might just be this one:::

 Erin's hubby to be really enjoyed this one ;)

 And I love this old blue two ton Chevy truck out in Dad's pasture...Looks so Americana to me:)

All the pics were taken on the 80 acres we girls grew up on or the dairy that our grandpa and Dad owned, and of course one gravel road just down from 'Coon Creek Bridge...we are country girls!

Thanks Erin and Taylor for letting me practice with you guys...I had a great day...laughed a lot!!!

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Jennifer said...

Hey girl! Thanks for following me! Yay another Oklahoma gal!! Your blog is fantastic! Congrats on your sister's engagement! Love the pics!! I see they're gonna be a house divided!! That'll make for some fun! You and your Hunk are beautiful!
Looking forward to getting to know you!

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