Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So if you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, you are totally missing out on the party!!! I BIG - FAT - PUFFY - RED - HEART- LOVE it!!!! I do believe I could call myself a pin-a-holic ;)  There are so so many awesome links and ideas...I am so visual so being able to see a thumbnail image of an idea really hooks me!  I'd love for you to come follow me on Pinterest.

If you need an invite, leave me your email address and I'll send you one, but I claim NO responsibility if it becomes an addiction for you too:)



Judy Bagwell said...
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Judy Bagwell said...

I would love an invite. :-) My email is

LaKeta said...

Judy~ For some reason I could not get it to go you have another email???

Judy Bagwell said...

Oh no, I got it. I actually got 3 or 4 times. Thank you!! :-)

Meredith said...

Yay! I've been looking for a way to get an invite :) Thank you so much: my email is

LaKeta said...

Oh good deal Judy!!! Lol! I hit the invite button several times so glad you got it 3 or 4 times hahaha!

Happy Pinning:)


Meredith I'm sending your invite now:)

Felicia said...

LOL-I actually hopped over to blogger from pinterest! I am such an addict, too! I actually got on it without an invite...somewhere on the site I stumbled onto where it will let you ask to "join the waiting list" and within 1 minute I had my invite!

LaKeta said...

Felicia~ You were a LUCKY one...I asked for an invite and never did receive an email...I finally found another person offering to invite people, so that's how I got on...I <3 it!!!

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