Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Gotta Have It.....Really, Really, Really Want It LIst :)

Ok...I know it is still a few more months until my birthday or Christmas, but I thought I would make it easy on Mr. Luckee and anyone else who may have drawn my name on the 4th of July for Christmas this year and give a visual listing of all of my little wants and desires...hehehe...

I love these sweet little ruffled all white towels from target! I I NEED new towels considering we've been married for 11 years and have yet to buy more than 4 or 5 towels since our plethora of wedding showers...I did go through a red phase and wanted all red towels, so my little sister helped feed that addiction for a few Christmases.... but now I really want solid white towels...they don't all have to have ruffles either...just want them to be white:)
How cute is this "towel tower" from {once again} target. I want one of these beauties for my newly {almost} organized craft room.... it would look so pretty with my green walls and white trim work!!!
I also really, really, really want one of these babies!!!! The spray paint gun...imagine not having to be limited to the colors that are already in a spray paint can, but being able to have your heart's desire of colors in spray!!!!
Of course the above will most definitely require one of these lil beauties as well..... I have always wanted one of these many fun attachments can be a nail gun....yep! I'd be able to do all kinds of diy with one of these bad boys!!!!
My wants seem to be growing up....hehehe.... towels and tools. What a combination!!!


Mandi said...

We just got a spray gun from Lowes this weekend and I am IN LOVE!!! No brush marks and it goes super fast! Hope you get everything on your list!


Kenzie said...

I would love a spray gun! We have an air compressor and I used it more than my husband does. I hope whoever drew your name is reading!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

just my kind of tools!! I think I use these manly tools more than my husband. I wish they'd come in pretty colors and patterns, wouldn't that be awesome? I have a soldering gun that could use some style.

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