Saturday, July 17, 2010

Take Me Out to The Ballgame...Name Decor

So...I have had this idea floating around in my head ever since I saw this idea at Shanty2Chic. I loved the use of letters on top of boards...I already had some square boards from another project, but mine were quite a bit smaller than what the shanty sisters used. I also had the "S" that I had bought a long time ago...don't even remember what I was going to use it mind tends to go on overdrive, crazy maniac mode when I search blog land, and I tend to think I NEED to make everything I see;) Does anyone else have the problem? HeHeHe!

Anyhow, I bought the last three letters of my son's name while the unfinished wood was 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Spray painted the scrap boards Heirloom White, sanded them and used some OLD faux glaze I had on hand. Then I spray painted the letters with Walmart brand red spray paint, sanded, and glazed them up too. I hot glued the letters on and then I needed something to hang it up with. I liked the chain idea, but wanted a little different feel to this name decor. I am going to be redoing Seth's room in a vintage baseball feel very soon, so I started scouring hobby lobby for something different to use...and found the jute upholstery stuff for .99 cents a yard!!!! Wow!!!! I am in love with this stuff...and must make something else with it. I also decided that I would hang it vertically so I used my staple gun to attach the jute to the back of the boards and hung it with upholstery nails...I love how it turned out and so did my super sweet Seth!

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Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

I have that problem too, I surf the net and find so many cool projects and want to do them all. This one turned out really nice and I like that upholstery ribbon thing you used, it looks very masculine.

Amanda said...

Oh I definitely have that problem! LOL You did a great job on this, came out wonderful!

Missy said...

I've been eyeing that upholstry webbing myself for about a month and trying to figure out what to do with it! I'm thinking of just a strip of it around a pillow, or as an edging to some curtains! Thanks for sharing.

Jenglamgirl said...

Very cute, well done! HAVE A GREAT DAY! jenn

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Great idea. I love the jute webbing. This should be perfect for the baseball theme - can't wait to see more! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase - I greatly apprecite it! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

The DIY Show Off said...

So cool! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade!


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