Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not Fair!! Not Fair!!! Not Fair!!!

I got three of the BEST, Most AWESOME Christmas presents this year...LOOK:::::::::

Yep! My mom got me a gravity feed paint gun attachment, an air compressor{not pictured cause I couldn't find a picture of it on google} and a MITER SAW~ Thanks Ma!!!! I was/am super stoked about all of it! Now for the unfair part...I am working towards my National Board Teaching Certification, so I HAVE NO LIFE LEFT AT ALL TO THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE I've been a little busy and HAVEN'T even gotten to take them out of the box. :( Makes me wanna cry!!! But this too shall pass and watch out...because my portfolio WILL be in the mail before Spring Break 2011 BAYBEEE!!!! And then I will be busting out the new toys!!!! I get all giddy just thinking about it!!!! I think it makes Mr. Luckee a tad bit nervous!!!

P.S. Something else I've had NO time to open and figure out is the brand new Silhouette that I bought with my b-day money on Black Friday...Don't cha feel sorry for me ;)

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silvia Navarro said...

very very very cute!!!
this post is fantastic!
follow u =D

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