Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crafting AGAIN!!! Woot Woot!!!

My national board portfolio is in the mail, and all is well with the world in my world...just ask the hubs ;)

I created this little door hanging over Christmas break but haven't had a chance to share it yet!

It was so easy...I SWEAR I took pics of the first couple of steps, but I cannot find them anywhere...I took a $3.00 Wal*Mart frame that I had broke the glass out glued some polyfill to the back piece of the frame, covered it with burlap...pulling it tight as I hot glued it...then I used black acrylic paint on some rubber stamps to stamp the word home and the cute little heart. I sanded the frame a little, and hot glued the little flower I had in my scrapbooking stash to the corner...then I twisted some wire to the brackets on the back of the frame...I.BIG.FAT.RED.PUFFY. HEART this on my front door!

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Leda said...

I BIG PUFFY HEART IT TOO! I love 'simple' that looks SO NOT! Great Job!!!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

it turned out really cute, nice way to use rubber stamps.

Shabby Soul said...

Very sweet! The little flower embellishment is perfect for it, too!!

It's A Priceless Life said...

Good luck on your National Board!! That's my next 'big goal', just haven't taken the first step to achieve it yet...maybe next year I will get the nerve up to do it!!! Love your's so cute!!

It's A Priceless Life said...

I just read your profile...where in Oklahoma are you? I work for Tulsa Public's a small world!!!

LaKeta said...

Thanks ladies!!!

Priceless Life~ I teach in a smaller town (Lexington) about 20 minutes SE of Norman....Thanks for the good wishes on National has definitely been a journey...fingers crossed and prayers said {ALL THE TIME} that I certify the first go round;)

Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said...

That's really cute! I love decor like this. Thanks for sharing!

Stop on by!

Mrs. Brittany said...

Way to go! I am definitely going to make this!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, Laketa! I'm admiring all the creativity in your blog so can you please share them at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? You can find us here:

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