Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow!!! Made My Day!

I was very excited tonight as I logged on to my blog and saw a comment from Clydia at ThreeMangoSeeds... She awarded me the stylish blogger award!!!! This is my first award:)

So thank you bunches Clydia!!!!

Now to fulfill the two requirements and pay it forward:)

1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

1. I love reading...Nicholas Sparks is my favorite!

2.I knew I would marry my husband {truly} the first time I saw him..

3. I think I would make a fantastic American Picker {except for the next fact}

4. I'm crazy scared of spiders!

5. I am determined to be a sewer by the end of 2011

6. I could eat chips, queso, and salsa every day!!!

7. I love watching my son play baseball and my daughter play basketball...I am a big sports fan! And very competitive....

Now, I am supposed to award 5 to 15 other blogs that I Love/Follow...

{In no particular order}

5. Jami, Kelli, Julie@ Creative Juices

I could go on and on...

1 comment:

Kenzie said...

I definitely needed this today! Thank you so much!

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